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It's a bird-explode-bird world out there.

Cocka-Doodle-DUEL is a 1v1 fighting game in which you play as two mythical cockatrice siblings: Cocka and Doodle. Rounds are quick and hectic. Jump on and avoid stacking worms, catch powerups, and shoot fireballs.

Your loving mother is being a bit too eager to feed you, constantly raining worm after worm on you. Worms stack in random and interesting shapes. Find yourself underneath one and you won't be a happy camper, however you can hop on them to gain the high ground.

Along with worms, some funny looking seeds are falling from above:

  • Red Acorns allow you to shoot a fireball at your opponent. You are part dragon after all.
  • Metal Acorns make you invincible. Take no damage and ignore all the falling worms. Just don't fall off the edge. You can't fly yet.
  • Snowflakes are falling for some reason. Catch one to freeze your opponent and slow them down.

Two players use the same keyboard to duel. Pause with ESC at any time during a match to check the controls.

Have a great time cocka-doodle-dueling your friends and enemies. Winners at this game are statistically proven to be better at life.*

CREATED BY: Ryan Kelley, Mira Holahan, Raihanah Siddiq

*Cannot be legally confirmed

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading Cocka-Doodle-DUEL!

You're going to get a .zip file. Just unzip it and run the .exe inside and you're good to go.


Cocka-doodle-DUEL.zip 2 MB